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A few suggestions are to be kept in mind during the first purchase. These might look obvious but what is obvious is often overlooked. Purchasing first Insurance Policy for the car is no different then purchasing any other product. The insurer must have a good reputation and a well respected brand. To evaluate an auto insurance company, a small survey should be conducted among a few people who had already patronized the company. Internet has emerged as a great tool for comparison shopping. It allows the car insurance buyer to compare among the available options, read other people's reviews and take a well informed decision. It takes a little effort to weigh Insurance Companies against each other and get the best policy but as the cliche goes, the juice is worth the squeeze. A little research will ensure best possible car damage cover for minimum possible premiums. It is absolutely necessary to insure the car and buy the right policy. In the eventuality of an accident or theft, an all inclusive insurance policy proves to be more effective in minimizing loss then an inexpensive one with just a basic cover.

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auto insurance reviews and ratings

Keeping Mechanics Honest One of the big advantages to having the right auto repair insurance policy is that it covers the total cost of some major repairs. When customers are paying out of their pocket, some mechanic shops have no problem charging endless amounts of money for their services. With the right auto repair insurance, the insurance company not only picks up the tab, but it also regulates the costs, and lets a customer or policyholder know if the mechanic's charge is excessive. Do You Need Bumper to Bumper?Bumper to bumper car insurance means that most of the components needed to operate your vehicle safely are included in the policy. This includes, but is not limited to, the engine, drivetrain, transmission, exhaust, brakes and electrical components. However, things like body repair, broken lights, windows and interior fixes are not covered.

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auto insurance reviews

If you're heading to Mexico, for example, your insurance company may offer short term coverage through a partner agency. It's also worth checking with your credit card company to see if your card includes overseas car rental coverage. Keep in mind that coverage may be limited to certain foreign countries, restricted to a collision damage waiver, and exclude exotic cars like a Ferrari. It's always best to check first before an accident happens!AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FACTSALL 50 STATES REQUIRE DRIVERS TO CARRY CAR INSURANCESPEED LIMIT3X16 19 year old drivers are 3 TIMES more likely to have speeding violations. 17. 9 YEARSOn average a driver will have an accident claim once every 17. 9 years. PIPMedical Payments or Personal Injury Protection PIPThis coverage pays for the treatment of injuries to the driver and passengers of they policyholder's car. 7 Most Common Auto Insurance Claims1 Fender Benders2 Theft3 Whiplash4 Vandalism5 Windshield Damage6 Back Injuries7 Animal Collisions25 YEARS OLDAuto premiums usually go down substantially after a driver turns 25. 28% of all fatalities are younger than 25TOP 5 MOST EXPENSIVE AND LEAST EXPENSIVE STATES FOR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE. MOSTMichiganLouisianaKentuckyWest VirginiaMississippiLeastMassachusettsNorth CarolinaHawaiiAlaskaOregonRED CARS!It's a myth that the color of your car affects the price of your car insurance.

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